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Rice wanted   -   Posted: 11/06/2018

We have a good customer wanting to buy cheap rice for Africa. Broken rice is ok but needs to be clean. We are buying by the container load. Please send us your best offer.

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Electric Motors   -   Posted: 11/06/2018

We have New Electric Motors, these were originally made for Dryer Motors but can have many other uses. These are new excess motors from a factory in Mexico making Samsung and Kenmore dryers, these are not rejects or damaged motors.

The two model numbers are:

Retail price is $136.00,
Your cost $25.00 per motor.

Total of 2,400 pcs

1 Truckload

FOB Laredo, TX

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Invacare Compact Travel Walker   -   Posted: 11/06/2018

Convenient, compact, and portable, this Travel Walker from Invacare folds quickly and easily for secure and convenient storage in small spaces.
Folds quickly to a tight 20 inches long x 17 inches high x 4 inches deep
Fits in airline overhead compartments
Double crossbrace for added stability
Sure Lever release folding mechanism for one-hand folding
Measures 21 inches long x 18 inches wide fully assembled
Packed in retail boxes with UPC 016167999972.
We have 3 pallets $150 per pallet (36 Walkers per pallet, individually boxed.)

FOB Centerville, TX 75833

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Candles and more   -   Posted: 11/06/2018

We have available candles and materials to make more candles. Attached is the updated inventory list, full descriptions, pictures, restriction (only restriction is MBA candles not sold in USA).
The list includes some glue adhesive for making glue sticks in the form of pellets.
1. All the NBA Candles appear to be paraffin ( unscented and the scented appear to be soy)
2. The entire inventory is about 5 trailers.
3. If you took out the glass and other products is the candles are about 2 trailers.
4. NBA candles cannot be advertised in US otherwise no restrictions
5. 85% retail ready 15% bulk
The prices are marked on the spreadsheet, all offers will be considered.

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LED Lights – 4 pack – CLOSEOUT   -   Posted: 11/02/2018

We have in stock LED Flashing Lights in a pack of 4 LED Lights plus some accessories.
-Red LED’s – 1,200 units available
-Retail packaging
-Packed 12 per case (2 inners of 6)
-20 cases per pallet
– 5 Pallets
-Retail $79.99
We are closing these out for $4.00 per 4 pack for a take all. (Only $1.00 per LED light)
FOB TX 75831

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LED Emergency/Safety Commercial Lights with 8 LED   -   Posted: 11/02/2018

LED Emergency/Safety Commercial Lights with 8 LED Lights per Case

These Compact, Hi-Tech and Professional Grade LED Safety Lights have many uses.
Features 3 Programmable Flashing patterns.

Perfect for Construction Sites, Barricades, Emergency Lights for vehicles and heavy equipment.
These also replace dangerous incendiary flares for emergency road side accidents.

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Sugar now available   -   Posted: 11/01/2018

The sugar out of Mexico is now available. These are in 50 pound bags, see attached photos of the front and back of the bags. There will be 880 bags (44,000 pounds) per truckload. Your cost $23.00 per 50 pound bag.

Please let me know when you are ready to get started.

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Cotton coming available soon   -   Posted: 10/31/2018

We are working on a contract to buy raw cotton from Cameroon. We should be able to start shipping around the first of January.

Do you have any cotton buyers?

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Name Brand High Bay LED IBE   -   Posted: 10/30/2018

We have available 1 truckload (20 pallets) of new Lithonia Brand LED High Bay Lighting, model number IBE 15LM MVOLT 40K.

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Name Brand LED Lights SBL4   -   Posted: 10/30/2018

We have available 1 truckload with 20 pallets of Lithonia Brand LED Lighting, model no. SBL4 LP840, each pallet has 70 LED light fixtures.

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GM Intake Manifolds   -   Posted: 10/30/2018

We have available Brand New GM Intake manifolds

GM Manifolds 12659015

2014-19 Cadillac XTS, ATS, CTS 3.6L

Complete W/Throttle Body


24 pcs per pallet, two pallets available

48 pcs total

Average retail $350.00

Your cost only $85.00 each

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4 Truck loads of Nails   -   Posted: 10/30/2018

We have available 4 truckloads of coated sinker nails

There is 48 boxes per pallet and 18 pallets per truck, 864 boxes per truck.

Rebate price on taking all $ 27.50 / box.

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Pretzels by the pallet   -   Posted: 10/30/2018

Snyder’s of Hanover Mini Pretzels Canister 32 Oz

We have available Snyder’s of Hanover Mini Pretzels offer all the naturally delicious flavor of traditional pretzels in a crunchy, bite-size snack.
Ingredients: Enriched Flour (Wheat Flour, Niacin, Reduced Iron, Thiamine Mononitrate, Riboflavin, Folic Acid), Water, Salt, Malt (Tapioca Syrup, Malt Extract), Cane Sugar, Canola Oil*, Yeast, Soda.
• Non-GMO Project Verified
• Made in a peanut-free facility
• Made in U.S.A.
• UPC 077975087565
• Best By Date is Apr/28/2018
We tested for freshness, with terrific results.

7 pallets available of this product (Only one box missing), 12 boxes per pallet, 6 containers per box.

Total of 498 Containers
Selling at Walmart for $6.22
Your cost $1.00 per 32 oz. Barrel

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Stools for kids by KidKraft   -   Posted: 10/30/2018

We have in stock 350 KidKraft Kid’s Stools in several colors and many different names.

They are packing in an individual box unassembled with simple assembly instructions and all the tools you need.

Made of compressed wood and has hinges with locks in 3 positions where kids can open the little chest in the stool without getting hurt.

Price reduced to $5.00 each or best offer for a take all.

These are very sturdy and safe stools for kids.

Approximately 6 pallets.

FOB Buffalo, TX

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First Aid Kits   -   Posted: 10/30/2018

Excellent supply for minor cuts, scrapes, burns, bumps, and bruises.

Carry in your car, boat, bus, etc. and be prepared.

Great first aid kit for the home or office.

Single use packaging ensures germ-free product.

Basic supply of first aid equipment.

Contains the necessary items to clean, treat, and protect.

Supply for up 10 people.

Contains up to 50 pieces. Sterile and ready for most emergencies.

Cleanse, Treat, and Protect with a conveniently packed Physicians Care first aid kit.

Meets Federal OSHA Regulation 1910.151b (may vary by state).

Plastic case keeps dust and moisture out.

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Lithonia LED Lighting by the Pallet   -   Posted: 10/23/2018

We have a variety of Lithonia LED lights on sale by the pallet. If you or your costumers want to save money on electricity this is your opportunity.

These are for the House, Garage, Shop, Office and Warehouses.

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Aluminum Foil   -   Posted: 10/23/2018

We have available Wohler Aluminum Foil – 100 sq. ft. per roll . Only 3 pallets left at $1.75 per box of 100 sq. ft. minimum order 3 pallets. This is good heavy duty foil, not cheap thin foil.
Packed 24 boxes per case, 72 cases per pallet.
Product Dimensions: 13 x 4 x 4 inches
UPC: 608651320968

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Carbon 60 For Your Health   -   Posted: 10/23/2018

Have you heard of Carbon 60? The research to date looks fantastic. These are not for you to resell but for you to improve your health.

Let us know if you want to try a bottle or a few.

9 Health Benefits of C60

1) C60 Improves Longevity

2) C60 Protects Against Free Radicals

3) C60 Prevents Inflammation

4) C60 Kills Viruses

5) C60 Protects Nerves

6) C60 Prevents Osteoarthritis

7) C60 Improves Obesity and Metabolic Syndrome

8) C60 Kills Bacteria

9) C60 Prevents UV Damage

C60 in Olive Oil Research Articles

See the Aging Sciences website for more details on the experiment.

This is not a closeout, we always keep them in stock.

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Pallet of plastic bottles special pallet sale   -   Posted: 10/23/2018

Pallet of plastic bottles special pallet sale


Plastic bottles and sprayers for a great price.

Endless uses for plastic bottles and sprayers because they are so versatile.

Different sizes and also colors ready for purchase.

So useful for home, office, crafts, and so much more.

Durable and especially functional plastic bottles and sprayers have so many uses.

Nice variety of sizes and colors of plastic bottles and sprayers.

Get a whole pallet of plastic bottles for only $100.

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New Buckets made of 26 Gage   -   Posted: 10/23/2018

Brand New Bucket made of 26 Gage Carbon Steel. Size 12 X 10 inches. Water & Air Tight to store anything.
* Brand new 26 Gage carbon steel with tin plating
* Locking Lever
* Water and Air Tight
* Metal Handle with plastic holder
* Insulating ring in the Top Cover

These were made in the USA for storing high dollar equipment. You can securely store anything in them.

Sold by the pallet of 272 Buckets with Tops.

These are selling on eBay for $14.99 per bucket.

Price reduced to $3.25 per bucket by the pallet or $2.75 for a take all or best offer (6 pallets).

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Breaker Boxes   -   Posted: 10/16/2018

We have available 27 Breaker Boxes – 2 brands (GE and Siemens) with a retail value of $1500

Yours for only $300

They are different sizes and mix with indoor and outdoor

Total 1 pallet

FOB Buffalo TX 75831

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Cowboy Studio   -   Posted: 10/16/2018

The high-output daylight balanced compact fluorescent bulbs are ideally suited for digital photography. Consequently, you get awesome results.

Very low heat most importantly they don’t get hot like the more common photo bulb choices.

Standard light socket consequently mounts on most standard light stands.

Control each of the light bulbs by turning it on or off. Most importantly this gives you control of how much light you see.

45 W approximate incandescent equivalent: 225 watts while not giving off excessive heat.

Do Not Be Fooled By the cheap bulbs, while our bulbs have been serving the U.S for almost 7 years.

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RealTree Cleaning Wipes Camo   -   Posted: 10/16/2018

11 Cases – Camo Green
3 cases – Camo green & camo pink
1 case have 6 inner case of 24 wipes total of 144 Wipes bags

Each bag has 20 Wipes

– All purpose.

– Nature fresh scent.

– Hypoallergenic.

– Alcohol free.

– Ultra soft material.

– Resalable peel & seal pack.

– 20ct packs.

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YOOSTAR Video Webcam   -   Posted: 10/16/2018

YOOSTAR Video Webcam can be used with a smart TV or PC with a USB connection. This Webcam is 3.0 Megapixels and has an off/on Remote Control. Comes with a stand like in the photo or can be attached with a clip that is included in the package. Ideal for making your own videos, blogging, video conferencing, still shots, etc.

Note: The remote control is used to play/pause the video recording and some other setups may or may not work for all the programs. It does not move the camera side to side. The camera is a Yoostar product.

This version Works on a PC computer and will not work for a MAC.

This product does not contain a green screen, you are only buying the camera.

-86 Pcs (1 Pallet) at $10 each or best offer.

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National Geographic MRE   -   Posted: 10/16/2018

We have some National Geographic MRE with perfect dating – Best By 05/2021. See the last attachment for quantities and exact dating per pack.

Included are:

-Creamy Rice with Chicken

-Italian Lasagna

-Instant Chocolate Milk



-100% Instant Nonfat Dry Milk

-Dehydrated Apple Slices

Most of the items came in Gaylord’s and some in pallets

Over 8,000 packets which makes approximately 32,000 servings.

Total 10 pallets/gaylords

Your cost $16,000 for the lot.

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Clothing load – cheap   -   Posted: 10/12/2018

We have a load of new clothing, each piece polybagged. See the attached photos. 1 full truckload available. There are more than 23000 pieces, asking $11,500 for the load, the per unit price will be a little less than 50 cents. Any interest?

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Tire Inventory from Canada – MUST be EXPORTED out of Canada   -   Posted: 10/12/2018

We have been offered one lot of tires (2 truckloads) out of Canada for export only, no resale in Canada.

Your cost $16.75 per tire FOB their warehouses. Note on the spreadsheet they have 3 warehouses in Canada. They will consolidate into 2 warehouses for us.

They were asking $22 per tire for the ones made in China but may sell for $16 like the others if we buy all. Duties on the Chinese tires is 110% of the cost therefore the duties for the Chinese for example $17.60 + $16 = $33.60 plus shipping.

Please Check are web site for a note about Chinese tax.

To ship total of 2 containers, one from West Coast and one from Toronto area (2244 total tires) to Dallas, their freight forwarder is estimating $10,500 CN$ (approx. $8500 US$)

Estimated charges for customs, and anti-dump fees should run $6,500 US$


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NEW load just received WM returns   -   Posted: 10/03/2018

NEW load just received WM returns

WM returns with some shelf pulls.

We have 1 full truckload with 48 gaylords of WM returns in stock.

Gaylords appear to be full and hold a variety of products that have not been picked over.

Ready to ship.

This looks like a good clean load. LOTS OF ITEMS!

Variety of items in this new load of WM returns.

Has shelf pulls in the load too.

I can do this load at $150 per gaylord or best offer.

Please let me know quickly if you want this one.

It appears to be very full gaylords with no cherry picking.

Contact us for photos. You are welcome to come inspect.

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Branded Boots and Shoes   -   Posted: 10/03/2018

Highly sought after brand with a nice selection of styles and sizes.

Excellent quality footwear available.

Well-made shoes and boots that are stylish and comfortable.

Extremely comfortable shoes and boots that will last because they are made with high quality materials.

Excellent selection of sizes and styles.

709 pair total n 3 styles of Youth in sizes 1 to 13.

1087 pair total in 7 styles of Women in sizes 5 to 11.

897 total pair in 5 styles of Men in sizes 8 to 13.

Boots and shoes with a varied selection of sizes and styles available. Made with high quality materials.

Brand known for their comfortable, stylish selections.

Total 2693 pair in their original boxes of quality footwear. Boots and Shoes for Men, Women and Youth. Great deal.

Total MSRP $288,753.07

Take All Price $53,410.00

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Books, Books and More Books for EXPORT Only   -   Posted: 09/28/2018

We have approximately 732,000 books in 207 different titles for export only, no sales in the USA or Canada. Attached are a few photos to give you an idea of what is available.

We are seeking a take all offer. What are they worth to your export customer?


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Bed Sheets   -   Posted: 09/28/2018

We have ready to ship 3 pallets of bed sheets, total 513 sets at $4.75 per set. See the attached spreadsheet for details of the colors and sizes.

Please let me know if you want these.

FOB Buffalo, TX 75831

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Haier HCH6100ACS 500 CFM – Special Offer   -   Posted: 09/27/2018

Helps with the removal of smoke, grease, and odors
Three-Layer Washable Grease Filter
Draws out fumes and vapors, with easy detachment for safe, simple cleaning
Recirculating and Venting Options
Provide the flexibility to exhaust back into the kitchen or outdoors
Halogen Lighting
Distributes bright, clear light across the cooking surface

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Gel Memory Foam Mattress Topper   -   Posted: 09/25/2018

We have a new lot of 8 pallets of Dream Serenity brand 2 inch Gel Memory Foam Mattress Topper. In all sizes, Twin, Full, Queen and King. They are comfortable and help relieve painful pressure points that can cause tossing and turning. These come with a 3 year factory warranty.

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Poise Hourglass Pads, Moderate   -   Posted: 09/25/2018

4 Pack (1 Case) – POISE Hourglass Moderate Absorbency Incontinence Pads – 54 COUNT EACH = 216 Pads per case
Your cost $18 per case or $4.50 per pack of 54.
UPC 036000128567
Poise Hourglass Shape Pads, Moderate Absorbency feature a contoured shape for discreet and worry-free protection for Light Bladder Leakage (LBL). They feature a contoured hourglass shape made with comfort in mind to help prevent bunching and leaks. These individually wrapped pads have a triple-layer absorbent core to keep you dry and flexible side gathers that provide a 3-D fit to reduce leaks.

Click Here For More Informatio n

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LIMITED TIME – EXTRA SPECIAL OFFER – Cleaning pads   -   Posted: 09/25/2018

We have 7 pallets of new 3M cleaning pads with a retail value of approximately $25,500. Special one-time offer only $100 per pallet, $700 for the lot..

To save on shipping we can consolidate all on 5 pallets.

Cleaning pads

fob:   TX   -   -   price:  

MRE’s (Meals Ready to Eat) – A-Pack Brand   -   Posted: 09/19/2018

We have 1 pallet of MRE’s immediately available in our Texas warehouse.

There are 48 cases per pallet, 12 meals with heaters per case.

Your cost $20 per case for a take all or best offer..

Reduced Sodium
Case of 12 Meals
Made in the U.S.A.

Meals that may be included:
Pasta with Garden Vegetables in Tomato Sauce
Home-style Chicken with Noodles and Vegetables in Sauce
Beef Stew
Spaghetti with Italian Style Meat Sauce
Southwestern Style Chicken with Black Beans & Rice
Chicken Tetrazzini

Lot #2342 Inspection/Test Date: 12/2017 This is not an expiration date, it is the first time the MRE’s are scheduled to be inspected, afterwards they should be inspected yearly.

NOTE: The Skittles candy is the only item that is not made with the same military preservation standards as the MREs so the Skittles have expired.

FOB Buffalo, TX 75831

fob:   TX   -   -   price:  

Lithonia Lighting IBE 15LM MVOLT 40K Linear High Bay   -   Posted: 09/12/2018

The 2 ft. White LED high bay light from Lithonia Lighting is ideal for illuminating large commercial areas such as warehouses, retail spaces, garages, gyms, manufacturing facilities and other work areas.
• Extremely bright 4000K Color temperature integrated leds provide medium distribution of light to meet both horizontal and vertical light level requirements for Ceiling heights from 10 to 40 feet
• Lithonia Lighting flexible integrated leds generate over 15, 000 lumens at 80 CRI, while efficiently using only 107 watts to save money on utility bills
• UL listed and Damp location listed. Meets title 20 compliance standards
Our Price $110 ea. sold by the pallet of 48, Total $5,280 plus shipping. Contact us for a shipping quote.
Now we have available 3 pallets

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Set of 26 Vintage Nautical Signal Flags - Letters A to Z   -   Posted: 09/12/2018

Set of 26 Large Vintage Nautical Signal Flags Letters A to Z

This is a mixed set of 26 Nautical Flags, this set consist of the Flags Alfa to Zulu. These were removed from destroyed ships, you may receive a mixture of some Polyester, Nylon or Linen flags. Some appear new and never used however some are obviously used and some may be soiled. But most appear to be very clean and almost new appearing. The flags vary in size but the average size appears to be approximately 50 x 64 inches. We have several sets of these, the photos shown here were taken from one set and are representative of what you will receive. If you want extra letters please check our store, we have many individual flags listed.

Our price $225.00


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fob:   TX   -   -   price:  $225.00 Each Box

Lap Desk’s   -   Posted: 09/12/2018

We have a nice inventory of Fun and Functional Lap Desk designed especially for Kids.

Take them anywhere you go, easy to carry. Use it to write on, draw, read, do homework, play cards or just snack on in the bed, on the floor or on the road. Several cute designs.

Each one is UPC’ed. The larger quantities are in 4 color retail boxes, the others in white boxes come in a heavy plastic carrying bag with a handle and UPC.

Take all price $4.50 each or best offer.

Style No. Qty Packaging

50503 158 Retail Box

50505 105 Retail Box

50547 58 White box

50504 193 Retail Box

50305 66 White box

50386 6 White box

Total 586

Total 7 pallets

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Poise Pads   -   Posted: 09/12/2018

We have the following immediately available.

Product – Poise Long Length Ultimate Absorbency Pads
Units per Pack – 27
Packs Per Case – 4
Cases Per Skid – 56
Total Cases – 1680
Total Packs – 6720 – 1 full truckload

Note, we have two full truckloads of you want both load please let me know.

Walmart is selling these for $11.39 per bag of 27.

Your cost $4.00 per pack of 27 pads.

FOB Houston

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fob:   TX   -   -   price:  $4.00 per pack of 27 pads

Car Belts – Perfect lot for an online reseller   -   Posted: 09/04/2018

We have available 1,380 Goodyear and CARQUEST brand car belts in stock we are liquidating. This is a perfect lot for an online reseller. Your cost $1.00 per belt, these are selling eBay and Amazon from $5 to $34 each.


Goodyear (Belt part numbers from 4030250 to 4081124 and V-Belt part numbers from 15351 to 17456).

In addition to automobiles they can be used on:

Exercise Equipment • Medical Equipment • Power Equipment
Farm Equipment • Machine Tools

Carquest / Gates (Belt part numbers from 1260 to 9850)

These are replacement belts for the most demanding engine drives. Due to thermal forces, this variable notched belt actually tightens on the drive as it gets hot.

In total we have 2 Gaylord that can be double stacked into one pallet space.

Your cost only $1 per belt.

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fob:   TX   -   -   price:  

WM returns with some shelf pulls – NEW load just received   -   Posted: 08/21/2018

We have 1 full truckload with 52 Gaylord’s of WM returns in stock, ready to ship. This looks like a good clean load, also has shelf pulls in the load too. I can do this load at $150 per Gaylord or best offer. Please let me know quickly if you want this one.

It appears to be very full Gaylords with no cherry picking.

Contact us for photos. You are welcome to come inspect.

This is an ongoing opportunity.

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fob:   TX   -   -   price: