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Leather offer   -   Posted: 10/16/2017

We have in stock 1 ˝ truckloads of leather pieces good for arts & crafts, embellishing art work or recycling to make bonded leather. In this lot are various sizes colors and types of leather.
Sold by the pallet or truckload, only $150 per pallet or $3000 for all 30 pallets.

FOB Fairfield, TX 75840

contact us for more information

fob:   TX   -   -   price:  $150 per pallet

Martial Arts Uniforms   -   Posted: 10/16/2017

Martial Arts Uniforms

This is a perfect opportunity for people selling on-line.

We have available three pallets with 10 different styles of Martial Arts Uniforms and 5 different colored Belts. Size range from 8/220 to 000/120, plus in this lot there are a few boxes of various types of Body Guards. The Belts are sizes 0 to 7 and 4 colors Green, Purple, Blue and Black.

Approximately 740 uniforms and 500 belts in this lot.
The cheapest price on line for the uniforms is $17.99 and $5.99 on the belts.
Your cost for the lot only $2.50 per selling unit or best offer.
FOB Texas

contact us for more information

fob:   TX   -   -   price:   $2.50 each OBO

SHED ENDER   -   Posted: 10/16/2017

Removes Shedding Hair Where Other Brushes Fail!
* Keeps Sheding Hair Off Your Pet & Out Of Your House!
* Promotes A Shiny Coat & Healthy Skin
Proven design removes dead loose hair from
the undercoat when ordinary brushes fail.
We have 65 Cases, 72 Pcs each case Total of 4680 Pcs. 1 pallet
These are bulk packed, they come in a ploy bag with a set of instructions.
We are selling for $1 each take all or best offer. $4680.00 Total

contact us for more information

fob:   TX   -   -   price:  $4680.00 Total

Wine Bottles available   -   Posted: 10/16/2017

We have available new wine bottles – 1 truckload.
We have 20 pallets of new empty wine bottles, 128 cases per pallet, 12 bottles per case.
Total of 2580 cases
A total of 30,960 bottles.
Your cost only 35 cents per bottle.
FOB Laredo, TX

Contact us for more information

fob:   TX   -   -   price:  35 cents per bottle.

Peterbilt parts   -   Posted: 10/16/2017

We have approximately 3 truckloads of OEM Peterbilt Chrome exhaust systems and parts, selling as one lot.

There are approximately 60 crates of chrome units with about 25 pieces per box plus more crates of clamps and misc. parts. Also there are several stacks put together like in the first in the attachment not included in the above count.

$25,000 for a take all or best offer.

FOB Texas

Contact us for more information

fob:   TX   -   -   price:  $25,000 OBO

Christmas load   -   Posted: 09/21/2017

We have a nice truckload of high end Christmas Trees, Wreaths, Plush Toys, Garland, Floral, Table tops, Tree Skirts, Ribbon and much more. These all came out of a show room, so you know it is nice stuff. The attached photos are a small sampling of what all is included. This hand stacked load will not last long. Please let me know soon if you want it.

Wholesale value of this load over $90,000.
Asking $22,000 for the truckload or best offer.

fob:   TX   -   -   price:  

Solar powered flashlight   -   Posted: 09/21/2017

We have available 50,000 Solar Powered Flashlights. Bright 300 lumens Flashlight.

These are promotional flashlights that were rejected due to a packaging mistake. That is why they are so cheap.

Packaging: 36 to a box 72 boxes per pallet. 19 Pallets
Price: US$1.65 per piece

fob:   NJ   -   -   price:  $1.65 per piece

Ladies and Teens Autumn/ Winter Sweaters - CHEAP   -   Posted: 09/21/2017

We have available high quality Sweaters made for the US market.
Ideal for Autumn/ Winter.

Brand: A mix
Blend: Mixture
Origin: Various
Quantity/ breakdown:
There are 200,000 pieces. One 40 ft. container is about 30,000 pieces. Can sell one container only if 200,000 is too many.
Loading: 1 x 40 ft. container or a 53 ft. truckload
Inventory: Not available
Packaging: one style per box
Pictures: Attached
Price: $1.50
Availability: Immediate
Notes: You can buy only one truck load if you prefer.

fob:   NJ   -   -   price:  $1.50

Wal-Mart truckload   -   Posted: 09/21/2017

The truckload cost is $7200. 36 pallet, average $200 per pallet.
We sell a lot of these. See below for a sample load.

fob:   AR   -   -   price:  $7200

Generators needed for Puerto Rico   -   Posted: 09/21/2017

Serious need for 50 generators 15 to 30KW, Diesel or Propane, 60 Hz, single or multi-phase, with plugs.
Smaller units like 5,000 to 7,500 watts by the container load
Large Generators that will power hotels.

fob:     -   -   price:  

LED Emergency Flares – 4 pack   -   Posted: 09/13/2017

STOP using incendiary flares, they can be dangerous! Use ProFlare LED Flares! Plus these have many other uses, see below.

We have available Emergency LED Flares in a pack of 4 Flares plus 4 Orange Warning Flags.

-Red LED for Nighttime - 1,500 units available
-White LED for Daytime - 1,500 units available
-Retail packaging
-Packed 12 per case (2 inners of 6)
-24 cases per pallet
- 288 units packs of 4 per pallet

-Retail $79.99 Your cost $8.00 each, min. order one pallet of each. Or Best offer for a take all.

fob:   TX   -   -   price:  $8.00 each

Bone China liquidation   -   Posted: 09/13/2017

We have a large inventory, 3 truckloads of fine China “B by Brandie” is the brand name. Sold in Neiman Marcus and other fine stores.

If interested please contact me for more photos and details. This is an exceptional offer of new fine china.

fob:   TX   -   -   price:  

National Geographic MRE Freeze Dried Meals   -   Posted: 09/13/2017

National Geographic MRE
We have some National Geographic MRE with perfect dates Best By 05/2021 and beyond.
Meals in this lot include:
-Creamy Rice with Chicken
-Italian Lasagna
-Instant Chocolate Milk
-100% Instant Nonfat Dry Milk
-Dehydrated Apple Slices
Most of the items came in gaylord’s and some in pallets. All separated and counted.
Contact us for the inventory and special take all pricing.

fob:   TX   -   -   price:  Buffalo, TX

New Buckets made of 26 Gage Carbon Steel sold by the Pallet   -   Posted: 09/13/2017

Pail Steel Can, Brand New Bucket made of 26 Gage Carbon Steel. Size 12 X 10 inches. Water & Air Tight to store anything.
* Brand new 26 Gage carbon steel with tin plating
* Locking Lever
* Water and Air Tight
* Metal Handle with plastic holder
* Insulating ring in the Top Cover

These were made in the USA for storing high dollar equipment. You can securely store anything in them.

Sold by the pallet of 272 Buckets with Tops.

These are selling on eBay for $14.99 per bucket.

Price reduced to $3.25 per bucket by the pallet or $2.75 for a take all or best offer(6 pallets).

fob:   TX   -   -   price:  $2.75 for a take all

LED Safety Light for Bikers - Closeout   -   Posted: 09/13/2017

These Compact, Hi-Tech Professional Grade LED Safety Lights for Bikers but have many other uses too.

Many great uses, perfect for cyclers as a bright headlight or taillight or flashing armband. Other great uses for these are for camping, boating, parties, construction site, jogging/walking, barricades, Emergency light for your vehicle and more.

- Programmable Patterns:
* Strobe
* SOS signal
* Rotating
* Constant On (Flashlight Mode)
- Retail packaging
- Magnetic back to attach to a bike, vehicle or any iron surface
- Clip to attach to your belt
- Velcro strap to your arm or tie to an object
- Suction Cup to attach to glass
- A Fold-out Stand to sit on the ground or flat surface
- An Orange warning flag
- Requires 4 AAA Batteries (not included)
- One easy push button for operation
- Retail $19.99

Your cost $2.00 each for a take all or $3.00 each by the case.

fob:   TX   -   -   price:  $2.00 each for a take all

Auto Rear View Mirror - Auto-Dimming Mirror with Compass   -   Posted: 09/13/2017

We have immediately available 5,000 new OEM rear view mirrors in factory cases Packed 12 per case, 1 truckload. These are excess inventory from a car maker, so bulk packed, not retail boxes.

These are OEM from Nissan, the mirrors will fit on most any car but the wiring for the Auto-Dimming and Compass may not work on other vehicles.

Details from Nissan web site:
Auto-Dimming Rear View
Mirror with Compass
Nissan Part No.: 999L1 KT000
Fits X and S models.
-Detects headlight glare at night and
automatically dims
-The brighter the glare, the darker the mirror

Part No. 999L1-KT000
Part Description: Auto-Dimming Rear View Mirror with Compass
Vehicle Note: This item fits Nissan Xterra 2005 to 2015
Retail Price: $127.00
Your cost for a take all $1.75 each

fob:   TX   -   -   price:  take all $1.75 each

Racecar Ceiling Fans 42 inch   -   Posted: 08/22/2017

We have available 30 Ceiling Fans for kids 42 inch. Take all Price $50.00 each. One pallet.
• Show off your love for racing with this cool race car ceiling fan
• Decorative 42-inch ceiling fan features a racing inspired design
• Each fan blade has a custom designed race car on the end
• Five blades with small-scale race car replicas
• UL Listed
• Quiet 3-speed motor
• Light Kit
• Three-speed pull chain control

Fan Mounting Type: Ceiling Mount
Switch Type: Pull Chain
Fans by Space: Medium space
Lighting Style: Specialty
Product Features: UL Listed
Dimensions: 18.6 in. H x 42 in. diameter
Model Number: RCCF42

fob:   TX   -   -   price:  $50.00 each.

Overall jeans women & girls   -   Posted: 08/15/2017

We have available this lot of 1st quality overalls for women and girls.

3 different styles of blue denim (2 for women and 1 for girls)

Blue Glitter 9096 pcs
Blue 7944 pcs
Blue Stone 5220 pcs
Sub Total 22,260

Brown camouflage 2964 pcs

Pink camouflage 2868 pcs

Total 28,092 units

New, 1st quality, case packed, with UPC codes.

All at the new reduced price of only $3.35 per piece for a take all.


Packing details:

All packed 12 units per carton same color and style

60 cartons per pallet

woman’s sizes woman from sizes 7/8 to 16

scale 7/8 . 2 10 . 4 12/14 . 4 16 . 2 .

junior girls S4 2 M/5 4 L/6 4 XL/8 2

Click Here For More Information

fob:   NY   -   -   price:  Contact Us

High end hair accessories   -   Posted: 08/15/2017

We have available one lot of high end hair accessories.

Have sold in well-known departments stores in the USA.

These high end hair accessories are bulk packed therefore are not carded.

Country of origin: Made in France

Quantity: 75,000 pieces, final count on loading 20 ft. container

Price: $0.35 per piece for a take all or best offer

Click Here For More Information

fob:   N.J. USA   -   -   price:  Contact Us

3M Buffing and Cleaning Pads   -   Posted: 08/15/2017

We have 7 pallets of new 3M cleaning pads with a retail value of $25,500. Take all for $2,000 or best offer.

Click Here For More Information

fob:   TX   -   -   price:  Contact Us

TAP-PRO CONCRETE MASONRY   -   Posted: 08/15/2017

We have short but heavy pallet of Concrete Screws with flat head and hex heads.

Masonry anchors are used in block, brick and concrete to secure wood blocking or steel and accessories. After drilling the hole and driving the masonry screw into the masonry products the screw will cut its own threads in the concrete creating a very secure fastener. The ceramic coating protects the screws for rusting.

Most of the Boxes came with drill bit. We have more the 200 boxes.

Price: $450 for the lot or best offer

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fob:   TX   -   -   price:  Contact Us

Set of 5 Different Zoo Plush Pillows for Kids   -   Posted: 08/08/2017

Young children really love the soft, cuddly feel of the squeezable Zooklz Pillows and enjoy the fun characters. Measuring 9.5” x 9.5”, each pillow has a hang tag with a UPC and a cute description of the character with his name. These are ideal for younger kiddos looking for a place to rest their heads at nap time.
We have 28 Boxes 6 inner cases per box, 3 pcs in each inner case. Solid case packed 18 per case. (1 pallet - total 504 pillows)
These are selling on eBay for $9.99 each. Your cost only $3.00 each. Or best offer.

Click Here For More Information

fob:   TX   -   -   price:  $3.00 each

Sculpture Bleacher Seating   -   Posted: 08/08/2017

We have 6 Wooden Sculpture Roll-up Bleacher Seating Stands, perfect for a Gym, Auction, Rodeo, Special Events, etc. Dimensions: 15 feet long, 8 levels of seating. On rollers for easy storing and maneuvering on a hard surface. Made of Apitong an extremely hard wood insect and weather resistant from the Philippines.

Apitong is considered an exotic wood and is better suited than any other wood in the world for trailer decking because of its durability, affordability and sustainability.

$2,000 each or take all 6 for $10,000.00

fob:   TX   -   -   price:  Contact Us

Just Arrived, New shipment of Summer Clothing for Kids under $1   -   Posted: 08/08/2017

We just received a new shipment of approximately 150,000 Summer kids tops and bottoms, sizes 12M to 5T. A big variety of colors and styles in this lot.

We have another lot of approximately 75,000 pcs of first quality from a US distribution center.

Minimum order 20,000, buy all for a better price. Contact us for pricing and more details.

fob:   TX   -   -   price:  Contact Us

Candy by the truckload   -   Posted: 07/26/2017

We have available truckloads of candy.

If interested please contact us for more details.

fob:   TX   -   -   price:  Contact Us.

Chairs - Adirondack   -   Posted: 07/19/2017

Adirondack Chairs are finally available. See the attached photos for the colors. Your cost is $18.00 each by the truckload. All new in boxes, assorted colors, we do not know how many of each color will be loaded. Total of 932 chairs per truckload. We have two loads available now. They will be shipped directly from our suppliers warehouse. We will arrange shipping for you.

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fob:   AR   -   -   price:  Contact Us