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Lighting 2 ft. White LED High Bay Light   -   Posted: 05/15/2018

The 2 ft. White LED High Bay Light from Lithonia Lighting is ideal for illuminating large commercial areas. This is the perfect energy-efficient and maintenance-free replacement or upgrade choice for existing HID metal halide and fluorescent high bay light fixtures. Offering 31% greater efficiency than traditional T5HO fluorescent high bays, this LED fixture helps save on energy costs and eliminates the hassle of changing bulbs. CSA listed for damp locations.


High-performance, 4000K LEDs produce 11,200 lumens over an average life of 60,000 hours
Energy-efficient LED technology is 31% more efficient than T5HO fluorescent to help save money
Durable steel construction is built to last and finished in white enamel for a clean appearance
Model # IBH 11L MV

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Lap Desk’s   -   Posted: 05/15/2018

We have a nice inventory of Fun and Functional Lap Desk designed especially for Kids.

Take them anywhere you go, easy to carry. Use it to write on, draw, read, do homework, play cards or just snack on in the bed, on the floor or on the road. Several cute designs.

Each one is UPC’ed. The larger quantities are in 4 color retail boxes, the others in white boxes come in a heavy plastic carrying bag with a handle and UPC.

Take all price $4.50 each.

Style No. Qty Packaging
50503 158 Retail Box
50505 105 Retail Box
50547 58 White box
50504 193 Retail Box
50305 66 White box
50386 6 White box

Total 586

Total 7 pallets

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fob:   TX   -   -   price:  $4.50 each

Peterbilt Parts   -   Posted: 05/15/2018

We have immediately available 3 truck or container loads of Peterbilt EOM parts, made in the USA, these are mostly chrome exhaust pipes and other high dollar exhaust components. Plus there are a few other components we will throw in the deal. No detailed inventory, Peterbilt sells these parts on their web site up to $1500 per unit. The parts we are offering have part numbers on the items so once you buy you can reference them to get detailed description and retail pricing.

If you need more photos let us know. There are more than 80 crates of chrome units with about 25 pieces per box plus more crates of clamps and misc. parts. Also there are several stacks put together like in the first photo below not included in the above count.

$25,000 for a take all, will consider offers.

Please let me know if you have an interest in these.

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fob:   TX   -   -   price:  $25,000 for a take all

Aluminum Foil   -   Posted: 05/15/2018

We have available Wohler Aluminum Foil – 100 sq. ft. per roll . 1 truckload at $1.65 per box of 100 sq. ft. minimum order 3 pallets

Packed 24 boxes per case, 72 cases per pallet, 24 pallets per truckload.

Product Dimensions: 13 x 4 x 4 inches

UPC: 608651320968

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Bales of clothing for African market   -   Posted: 05/09/2018

If you ship to Africa we have container loads of mixed clothing in bales and ready to ship. Your cost only 6 cents a pound.

If interested contact me for details.

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Carbon 60 for your health   -   Posted: 05/09/2018

Have you heard of Carbon 60? The research to date looks fantastic. These are not for you to resell but for you to improve your health.

Let us know if you want to try a bottle or a few.

9 Health Benefits of C60

Can C60 in Olive Oil Extend Life
All of the evidence indicates that the antioxidant, Carbon 60, C-60 or C60 for short (also called BuckyBalls), can double the lifespan of Laboratory rats. The study shows that over the course of 30 hours, the gastrointestinal tract absorbed the dissolved BuckyBalls and released it from the body with no harm. Other researchers say that even though it is excreted from the body quickly, some long-lasting changes in organs and cells must have been created such as strengthening DNA.
C60 in Olive Oil Research Articles
See the Aging Sciences website for more details on the experiment.

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YOOSTAR Video Webcam   -   Posted: 05/09/2018

YOOSTAR Video Webcam can be used with a smart TV or PC with a USB connection. This Webcam is 3.0 Megapixels and has a Remote Control. Comes with a stand like in the photo or can be attached with a clip that is included in the package. Ideal for making your own videos, blogging, video conferencing, still shots, etc.

Note: The remote control is used to play/pause the video recording and some other setups may or may not work for all the programs. It does not move the camera side to side. The camera is a Yoostar product.

This version Works on a PC computer and will not work for a MAC.

This product does not contain a green screen, you are only buying the camera.

-86 Pcs (1 Pallet) at $10 each

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Electric Generators and Power Washers   -   Posted: 05/09/2018

We have a large inventory of new brand name Electric Generators from 4000W to 15000W and Power Washers from 2700 to 3100 PSI at wholesale prices. If interested please contact me for details.

If you need very large generators we have access to those too. Let us know your needs.

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Overstock Doors   -   Posted: 05/09/2018

We have immediately available 3 truckloads of new 1st quality door slabs.
Only asking $15 per door for a take all, which is a great price but we will consider offers.

fob:   TX   -   -   price:  $15 per doors.

WM returns with some shelf pulls   -   Posted: 05/02/2018

We have 52 Gaylord’s of WM returns in stock, ready to ship. This looks like a good clean load, also has shelf pulls in the load too. I can do this load at $150 per Gaylord or best offer. Please let me know quickly if you want this one.

It appears to be very full Gaylords with no cherry picking.

Contact us for photos. You are welcome to come inspect.

This can become an on going opportunity.

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New Buckets made of 26 Gage Carbon Steel sold by the Pallet   -   Posted: 05/02/2018

Pail Steel Can, Brand New Bucket made of 26 Gage Carbon Steel. Size 12 X 10 inches. Water & Air Tight to store anything.
* Brand new 26 Gage carbon steel with tin plating
* Locking Lever
* Water and Air Tight
* Metal Handle with plastic holder
* Insulating ring in the Top Cover

These were made in the USA for storing high dollar equipment. You can securely store anything in them.

Sold by the pallet of 272 Buckets with Tops.
These are selling on eBay for $14.99 per bucket.
Price reduced to $3.25 per bucket by the pallet or $2.75 for a take all or best offer(6 pallets).

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fob:   TX   -   -   price:  $3.25 Each

3M Buffing and Cleaning Pads   -   Posted: 04/24/2018

We have 7 pallets of new 3M cleaning pads with a retail value of $25,500. Take all for $2,000 or best offer.

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Stools for kids by KidKraft   -   Posted: 04/24/2018

We have in stock 354 KidKraft Kid’s Stools in several colors and many different names.

They are packing in an individual box unassembled with simple assembly instructions and all the tools you need.

Made of compressed wood and has hinges with locks in 3 positions where kids can open the little chest in the stool without getting hurt.

Selling on Amazon for $40 each, your cost $6.00 each or best offer for a take all.

These are very sturdy and safe stools for kids.

Approximately 6 pallets.

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Health Care Products   -   Posted: 04/18/2018

We have available 6 Health Care Creams

Rite Aid – Feminine Anti-itch Vaginal Cream (NBE – Regular Strength Vagicaine 5% Benzocaine) 1 oz. Tube (672 cases)

New Choice Vagi-Cure – Feminine Anti-itch Vaginal Cream – (5% Benzocaine, .13% BZK) .75 oz. Tube (583 Cases)

Rexall (DG)- Maximum Strength Hemorrhoidal Cream (NBE – Preparation H Max Strength) 1 oz. Tube (1512 Cases)

DG Health – Anti-itch Cream (NBE – Gold Bond – 1% Menthol, 1% Pramoxine Hydrochloride) 1 oz. Tube (1760 Cases)

DG Health – Cool Heat Cream (NBE – Icy Hot – 10% Menthol, 30% Methyl Salicylate) 1.25 oz. Tube (1574 Cases)

Rexall (DG) – Feminine Anti-itch Vaginal Cream Maximum Strength (20% Benzocaine) 1 oz. Tube (2304 Cases)

With UPC codes, each case contains 24 items.

Take all price 55 cents per tube.

Expiration date Oct-18

fob:   NY   -   -   price:  

Branded Clothing Offer under $1.   -   Posted: 04/09/2018

We have a great opportunity for Summer and Winter clothing for kids including tops and bottoms, sizes 12M to 5T. A big variety of colors and styles in stock.

This is an ongoing business with new styles coming in on a regular basis.

Minimum order 20,000, buy all for an even better price. Contact us for photos, pricing and more details.

fob:   TX   -   -   price:  $1 each tack all.

Pure-Light   -   Posted: 04/04/2018

The first light technology that actually helps clean and refresh the planet!!

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Kravet textile inventory   -   Posted: 04/04/2018

We have available a HUGE inventory of new 1st quality material. In this lot are many different Drapery, Multipurpose, Trim, Upholstery and Wallpaper.

It contains different brands but the main one is Kravet.

Kravet Inc., established in 1918, is the industry leader in the “to the trade” home furnishings industry. They sell through independent interior designers. This fifth generation family business distributes fabrics, furniture, wall coverings, trimmings, carpets and accessories.

Other brands: LEE JOFA and BRUNSCHWIG,

Over $15.5 million at wholesale. We are seeking a take all offer.

If interested please contact us for a detailed inventory. For pictures click here

No restrictions on resale.

This one is clean and organized and can be inspected.

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fob:   NY   -   -   price:  

CVS load   -   Posted: 04/03/2018

We have 50 Gaylord’s (1 truckload) of CVS shelf pulls immediately available. See a few photos attached. Looks like a very good load.

Your cost only $425.00 per Gaylord for a take all.

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fob:   TX   -   -   price:  

Zooklz by Guido & Friends Animal Pillows for Kids   -   Posted: 03/20/2018

Young children really love the soft, cuddly feel of the squeezable Zooklz Pillows and enjoy the fun characters. Measuring 9.5” x 9.5”, each pillow has a hang tag with a UPC and a cute description of the character with his name.

These are ideal for younger kiddos looking for a place to rest their heads at nap time.

We have 28 Boxes 6 inner cases per box, 3 pcs in each inner case. Solid case packed 18 per case. (1 pallet – total 504 pillows)

These are selling on eBay for $9.99 each. Your cost only $3.00 each. Or best offer.

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fob:   TX   -   -   price:  $3.00 each

Closeout on Emergency LED Flashing Lights   -   Posted: 03/20/2018

We have available Emergency LED Flares in a pack of 4 Flares plus 4 Orange Warning Flags.

-Red LED for Nighttime – 1,500 units available

-Retail packaging

-Packed 12 per case (2 inners of 6)

-24 cases per pallet

– 288 units packs of 4 per pallet

-Retail $79.99 Your cost $8.00 each, min. order one pallet of each. Or Best offer for a take all.

Our LED Lights come in a 4 unit pack of LED’s – Provides added protection and illumination for crosswalks, fire fighter use, bike, and mounted patrols

– Has 3 flash patterns; strobe, rotational, and constant

– Also contains 5 attachments: Adjustable Stand, Belt clip Attachment, Magnetic Attachment, Suction Cup Attachment, Velcro Armband Attachment.

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fob:   TX   -   -   price:  

MRE’s (Meals Ready to Eat) – A-Pack Brand   -   Posted: 03/13/2018

We have 6 pallets of MRE’s immediately available in our Texas warehouse.
There are 48 cases per pallet, 12 meals with heaters per case.
Your cost $20 per case for a take all or best offer..
Case A-PACK Ready Meal 12 MRE Kit /12 Full Meals Reduced Sodium Sealed Lot #2342
• A-Pack MREs (Meals Ready to Eat)
• Reduced Sodium
• Case of 12 Meals
• Made in the U.S.A.

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fob:   TX   -   -   price:  

Pure-Light   -   Posted: 03/13/2018

These Pure-Light bulbs help clean the air of Mold and Fungus, Harmful bacteria, Deadly viruses (even super-bugs that can't be killed by anti-biotics), Smoke, Odor, help reduce smog, and even help control pollen. They literally make homes more Cleaner, Fresher, Happier, and Healthier.

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fob:   TX   -   -   price:  

Shirts – Dress work shirts   -   Posted: 03/13/2018

We have 6,176 blue stripped dress work shirts with button down collar and one pocket. Of these 5598 are long sleeve for men, 388 short sleeve for men and 190 short sleeve for women. Only $1.50 each for a take all or best offer.

1st Quality
Various Sizes
One Design
Made in Dominican Republic
65% Polyester & 35% Cotton
Made for the US Postal Workers
Individually poly bagged

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fob:   TX   -   -   price:  $1.50 Each Take All

Winter & Summer Apparel   -   Posted: 02/28/2018

We just received a new shipment of approximately 100,000 Winter plus we have approximately 125,000 Summer for kids including tops and bottoms, sizes 12M to 5T. A big variety of colors and styles in this lot.
We have another lot of approximately 40,000 pcs of first quality Summer from a US distribution center.
Minimum order 20,000, buy all for a better price. Contact us for pricing and more details.

fob:   TX   -   -   price:  $1