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Latest Listings:

Chairs - Adirondack   -   Posted: 07/19/2017

Adirondack Chairs are finally available. See the attached photos for the colors. Your cost is $18.00 each by the truckload. All new in boxes, assorted colors, we do not know how many of each color will be loaded. Total of 932 chairs per truckload. We have two loads available now. They will be shipped directly from our suppliers warehouse. We will arrange shipping for you.

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fob:   AR   -   -   price:  Contact Us

Cargo Shorts for women   -   Posted: 07/12/2017

We have available 3 pallets totaling about 3,800 cargo shorts for women, all one color, sizes 0 to 14 (most are the 4 more popular sizes), multiple sizes per case. Made of 100% cotton. These are first quality but the brand label had to be removed.

Your cost only $1.50 each.

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fob:   TX   -   -   price:  Contact Us

Hoodies – 9600 hoodies for women   -   Posted: 07/12/2017

We have available 9600 women hoodies with San Francisco embroidered on the hoodie. They are very nice with ladies adult, heavy embroidering, full zipper and 2 pockets Hoodie in a heavy weight sweatshirt material. 60% cotton 40% polyester. There are 4 different colors in this lot.

Packed in 9 gaylords with count written on each gaylords. Total approximately 9600 hoodies. Your cost $4.75 for a take all.

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fob:   TX   -   -   price:  $4.75 for a take all.

Sculpture Bleacher Seating   -   Posted: 07/12/2017

We have 6 Wooden Sculpture Roll-up Bleacher Seating Stands, perfect for a Gym, Auction, Rodeo, Special Events, etc. Dimensions: 15 feet long, 8 levels of seating. On rollers for easy storing and maneuvering on a hard surface. Made of Apitong an extremely hard wood insect and weather resistant from the Philippines.

Apitong is considered an exotic wood and is better suited than any other wood in the world for trailer decking because of its durability, affordability and sustainability.

$2,000 each or take all 6 for $10,000.00

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fob:   Fairfield, TX   -   -   price:  Contact Us

Bone China liquidation   -   Posted: 07/12/2017

We have a large inventory, 3 truckloads of fine Bone China “B by Brandie” is the brand name. Sold in Neiman Marcus and other fine stores.

Attached are several pictures and a link to Neiman Marcus, click here, https://goo.gl/0yX2nR to check out the current pricing.

If interested please contact me for more photos and details. This is an exceptional offer.

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fob:   TX   -   -   price:  

Clothing from a upped end store that closed   -   Posted: 07/12/2017

The contents of a successful upper end clothing store is immediately available due to health reasons.

Approximately 6500 units, we will count them before shipping. The racks and wooden hangers go with the deal if the buyer wants them or the clothing can be put in gaylords to save on shipping. Currently most everything is still on hangers.

This is a steal at $4.45 per unit. This is a take all only offer.

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fob:   Houston   -   -   price:  $4.45 per unit.

Blank Tee Shirts   -   Posted: 07/12/2017

200,000 + blank Tee Shirts in gaylords approximately 1/3 men, 1/3 women and 1/3 kids. These are IR’s with label in tack, no lines or cut labels, there is a small piece of blue tape identifying the IR.

Many different brands, colors and sizes. Packed in gaylords with the count written on each Gaylord. No detail manifest. Your cost only 75 cents for a take all.

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fob:   TX   -   -   price:  75 cents for a take all.

LED Flashing Lights - Commercial Size Emergency Lights   -   Posted: 07/05/2017

Commercial Size Emergency LED Flashing Lights

ProFlare Safety Lighting System – 8 Heavy Duty LED Flashing Lights
- 600 units available
- Unit contains 8 single red or amber LED units
- Form Fitting Impact-Resistant Case.
- Uses “AA” alkaline batteries providing 70 hours of continuous use.
- 360 degrees light emission for day and nighttime use.
- Packed 2 per case
- 41 lbs./cs, case dimensions 16x16x23
- 30 cases of 2 per pallet
- 10 Pallets total, pallets 7 feet high
- Retail $195.00
- Your cost $25 per case of 8 Flashing LED Lights Or Best offer for a take all.

8 large LED Flashing Flares in an Impact Resistant Case
FOB Texas

fob:   TX   -   -   price:  Contact Us.

LED Emergency Flares – 4 pack   -   Posted: 07/05/2017

STOP using incendiary flares, they can be dangerous! Use ProFlare LED Flares! Plus these have many other uses, see below.

We have available Emergency LED Flares in a pack of 4 Flares plus 4 Orange Warning Flags.

-Red LED for Nighttime - 1,500 units available
-White LED for Daytime - 1,500 units available
-Retail packaging
-Packed 12 per case (2 inners of 6)
-24 cases per pallet
- 288 units packs of 4 per pallet

-Retail $79.99 Your cost $8.00 each, min. order one pallet of each. Or Best offer for a take all.


fob:   TX   -   -   price:  Your cost $8.00 each

LED Emergency Flashing Flare Packed one per retail box.   -   Posted: 07/05/2017

LED Emergency Flashing Lights
STOP using incendiary flares, they can be dangerous! Use ProFlare LED Flashing Lights. They have many uses.
3 Programmable Flashing patterns + 6 Attachments for various uses.

We have available these ProFlare LED Flashing Flares in a Retail Box
-Red LED for Nighttime - 1,000 units available
-White LED for Daytime - 1,200 units available
-Retail packaging
-Packed 40 per case (4 inners of 10)
-24 cases per pallet
-Retail $19.99 Your cost $3.50 each Or Best offer for a take all.


fob:   TX   -   -   price:  $3.50 each

Cute kids 2 piece sets for girls   -   Posted: 07/05/2017

Cute kids 2 piece sets for girls, these come in 3 styles. Only 4,000 units available. All on hangers and poly bagged, in original cases with 36 units per case. Your cost $1.75 for a take all.

fob:   TX   -   -   price:  Contact Us.

Caps   -   Posted: 07/05/2017

We have available a big variety of embossed caps, in this mixed lot are many state names as well as some larger US cities. Your cost only 60 cents per cap. These are pre-priced at $12.99.

fob:   TX   -   -   price:  60 cents per cap

Kids Hero Actions Shirts   -   Posted: 06/28/2017

We have a large quantity, about one truckload, of Disney licensed shirts for boys and girls. There is a big variety of prints in all sizes, no detail manifest. The boys include both long and short sleeve, the girls are all short sleeve. These are mostly from Wal-Mart in Mexico and pre-priced inn Mexican Pesos. Only $1.50 each in quantity.

fob:   TX   -   -   price:  Contact Us

Hoodies for kids   -   Posted: 06/28/2017

We have 4 different styles of these cute hoodies for kids. Only 4,000 available. Your cost for a take all only $3.30 each.

fob:   tx   -   -   price:  Contact Us

Panties for little girls and women   -   Posted: 06/28/2017

We have a huge quantity of panties for little girls and women. Three styles in gift boxed set of 6 pair. One style individually packed with UPC code. Total 3 truckloads.
Your cost only $7.20 per dozen.

Let us know what you are interested in buying.

fob:   TX   -   -   price:  Contact Us

NASCAR Tee Shirts for Men   -   Posted: 06/28/2017

This lot is for a lot of 7,000 Classic (dated) NASCAR Tee Shirts for Men. Packed 72 per case. Big Variety. Pre-priced $22. Your cost $1.05 each for a take all.

fob:   TX   -   -   price:  Contact Us

Boys Swimwear - case packed   -   Posted: 06/28/2017

We have in stock 100 cases (2 pallets) of Boys Swimwear with nylon mesh lining. These come in 4 different bright neon colors. Made in Taiwan. Each swimsuit is individually poly bagged. Packed 48 per case with equal quantities of 4 sizes 4/5/6/7.
Your cost only $0.85 each for a take all.

fob:   TX   -   -   price:  Contact Us

Wine Bottles   -   Posted: 06/28/2017

We have 18 pallets of new empty wine bottles
Total of 1989 boxes
Each pallet contains 112 cases of 12 bottles for a total of 23,868 bottles.
Your cost only 35 cents per bottle.

fob:   Laredo, TX   -   -   price:  Contact Us

Bikes now available   -   Posted: 06/20/2017

Mix of toddler, kid, & adult, men's & women's bikes
Approximately 325-375 bikes will fit into a 40' high cube container
About 400-450 per 53' truckload
You will receive about 1/3 46” or more; 1/3 20” to 26”; 1/3 below 20 inches.
We floor load and sometimes remove handles to maximize shipping space
FOB: Bentonville, Arkansas
Weight - 18-50 lbs. each

Brands Include:
Hot Wheels

Click Here For More Information

fob:   TX   -   -   price:  Contact Us

Art Work for the home and business - true liquidation   -   Posted: 06/20/2017

We have available a great opportunity for 10 truckloads of new, in original packaging, current style art work from a major distributor that asked us to liquidate their entire inventory as one lot. The retail value is a little over $1 million, sold as a take all of pennies on the dollar. If interested let me know and I will send you the entire inventory with photos.

fob:   TX   -   -   price:  Contact Us

Patio dining table and chairs   -   Posted: 06/20/2017

We have 38 new Patio Dining sets (Table with 6 Cushioned Chairs), in original factory boxes.

MSRP $1,335.00, currently selling on the internet for $859.99.
We were selling for $350, now reduced to only $300 per set for a take all of 38 sets.

Go to this web site to see the patio set.

fob:   Dallas   -   -   price:  Contact Us

Racecar Ceiling Fans 42 inch   -   Posted: 06/20/2017

We have available 30 Ceiling Fans for kids 42 inch. Take all Price $50.00 each. One pallet.
• Show off your love for racing with this cool race car ceiling fan
• Decorative 42-inch ceiling fan features a racing inspired design
• Each fan blade has a custom designed race car on the end
• Five blades with small-scale race car replicas
• UL Listed
• Quiet 3-speed motor
• Light Kit
• Three-speed pull chain control

Fan Mounting Type: Ceiling Mount
Switch Type: Pull Chain
Fans by Space: Medium space
Lighting Style: Specialty
Product Features: UL Listed
Dimensions: 18.6 in. H x 42 in. diameter
Model Number: RCCF42

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fob:   TX   -   -   price:  $50.00 each.

MRE Pallet   -   Posted: 06/20/2017


We have various brands of MRE’s available but most of the boxes are damaged. (The Meals are seal and never opened).

We have this inventory:
Sopakco – 8
A-pack red – 17
Eversafe – 2
A-pack Blue LS (This are on perfect boxes just they do not have heaters) – 11

The date on the A-pack red is 2173
Sopakco 2170
A-pack Blue LS 2087
Eversafe 2310

Our regular price is $30 to $35
Take all 38 boxes for $15 per box

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fob:   TX   -   -   price:  $15 per box

DMX Single Tab Flex Sheet   -   Posted: 06/13/2017

6’6″ x 65’6″ DMX Single Tab Flex Sheet / 2.00x20m
Roll of 430.4 sq. ft.

DMX AG™ is the leader in Foundation Wraps. It is the air-gap membrane that exceeds today’s most demanding building codes. It has received a positive CCMC Evaluation as a standalone Damp proofing and Drainage Layer and is presently being reviewed by the ICC-ES in the USA.

DMX AG™’s air-gap membrane technology keeps basements dry, no matter what the weather or soil conditions. Unlike traditional foundation coatings, DMX AG™ bridges cracks and drains away moisture to the FlexTube™ footing drains. By controlling both interior and exterior moisture, DMX products virtually eliminate foundation leaks and expensive callbacks.

We have 13 Rolls

Home Depot is selling 100 sq. ft. for $72.00 our is 430.4 sq. ft.

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fob:   TX   -   -   price:  $72.00 our is 430.4 sq. ft.

Set of 5 Different Zoo Plush Pillows for Kids   -   Posted: 06/13/2017

Young children really love the soft, cuddly feel of the squeezable Zooklz Pillows and enjoy the fun characters. Measuring 9.5” x 9.5”, each pillow has a hang tag with a UPC and a cute description of the character with his name. These are ideal for younger kiddos looking for a place to rest their heads at nap time.
We have 28 Boxes 6 inner cases per box, 3 pcs in each inner case. Solid case packed 18 per case. (1 pallet - total 504 pillows)
These are selling on eBay for $9.99 each. Your cost only $3.00 each. Or best offer.

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fob:   TX   -   -   price:  $3.00 each

Wine Bottles   -   Posted: 06/13/2017

We have 1 pallet of new empty wine bottles.
There are 37 cases of 12 bottles on this pallet.
Total 444 bottles.
Your cost only $200 for the pallet.

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fob:   TX   -   -   price:  $200

National Geographic MRE   -   Posted: 06/13/2017

We have some National Geographic MRE with perfect dates Best By 05/2021 and beyond.
-Creamy Rice with Chicken
-Italian Lasagna
-Instant Chocolate Milk
-100% Instant Nonfat Dry Milk
-Dehydrated Apple Slices
Most of the items came in gaylord’s and some in pallets. All separated and counted.
Contact us for the inventory and special take all pricing.

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fob:   TX   -   -   price:  Contact Us.

2(x)ist Underwear for Men   -   Posted: 06/13/2017

We have a special offer for new 2(x)ist brand underwear for men, packed one per retail box. These are pre-priced from $10 to $26 each, complete with UPC codes.
You will receive a good mixture of sizes, styles and in 11 different color combinations. Offered as one lot at the low price of $2.25 each. The retail value of this lot is $119,620.00. 7,018 Pcs

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fob:   TX   -   -   price:  $15,790.50 Take all

Martial Arts Uniforms   -   Posted: 06/07/2017

This is a perfect opportunity for people selling on-line.

We have available three pallets with 10 different styles of Martial Arts Uniforms and 5 different colored Belts. Size range from 8/220 to 000/120, plus in this lot there are a few boxes of various types of Body Guards. The Belts are sizes 0 to 7 and 4 colors Green, Purple, Blue and Black.

Approximately 740 uniforms and 500 belts in this lot.
The cheapest price on line for the uniforms is $17.99 and $5.99 on the belts.
Your cost for the lot $3,750 or best offer

CLick Here For More Information

fob:   TX   -   -   price:  $3,750

Peterbilt Chrome Parts   -   Posted: 06/07/2017

We have approximately 3 truckloads of OEM Peterbilt Chrome exhaust systems and parts, selling as one lot.

There are approximately 60 crates of chrome units with about 25 pieces per box plus more crates of clamps and misc. parts. Also there are several stacks put together like in the first photo below not included in the above count.

fob:   TX   -   -   price:  $25,000 for a take all.

Water Filter System Prismedical Triton   -   Posted: 05/31/2017

Water Purification system for Emergency or camping use. No tools, power, chemicals or pumping is needed. Will purify 55 gallons of water, typically enough drinking water for a family of 4 for 7 days..

This Personal Water Purification Unit is the first point-of-use, emergency water purifier to be based on a patented, FDA-cleared medical water purification technology. Based on technology developed for the US Military.

This EPA Grade Purification of All Types of Infectious Microbes, More Than 99.99% of Viruses, Unpleasant Tastes, Odors, Chlorine, VOCs, Pesticides & Herbicides, Lead, Arsenic, Chemicals, Heavy Metals, More Than 99.99% of Cryptosporidium, Giardia and More Than 99.99% Bacteria.

1 Pallet

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fob:   TX   -   -   price:  Contact Us

Branded lot of Approx. 35,000 kids clothing below 75 cents   -   Posted: 05/31/2017

We have 35,000 to maybe 40,000 units of kids clothing that we are liquidating now. These are all high quality IR’s and overstock.

In Tee Shirts:
90% white
Most all are short sleeve
Approx. 80% Boys
95% solid colors
Sizes 12M to 5T
Est. 5% may have prints
All are sold as IR’s
Many of our resellers sell the 2nds as 1st quality, there are some 3rd quality which is like others 2nd quality.

The Tank Tops
95% are Faded Glory
Sizes 4/5, 6/7, 8/9, 10/11, 12/13, 14/16
Approximately 20 different colors
Approx. 5,000 are Black
Approx. 5% are sizes 12M to 5T

Not heavy in any one size or color except the white T shirts noted above.

Click Here For More Information

fob:   TX   -   -   price:  65 cents each.

High-end Costume Jewelry   -   Posted: 05/31/2017

We have been offered a rare opportunity to buy a closeout on some high end costume jewelry made for Nordstrom.
Some of the jewelry was made in the USA.
Please see the attached pictures.
You will get a good mixture. Some are carded and/or ticketed, many are not. Coming from the factory in boxes, these are not shelf pulls.
Your cost $2 per piece or best offer, these retail for up to $38, this is not a cheap lot.
Quantity: 75,000 pieces, sorry no detailed inventory.
Packaging 300 of the same item per box
Delivery 1 truckload

Click Here For More Information

fob:   NY   -   -   price:  Contact Us

Toys   -   Posted: 05/31/2017

We have been offered a truck load of Dollar Store toys. In this lot are approximately 71,700 toys. See the attached inventory and photos.
Asking $0.50 each for all or best offer.

Click Here For more Information

fob:   NY   -   -   price:  $0.50 each

Gold, Silver, Platinum and Palladium   -   Posted: 05/23/2017

We now buy and sell Gold, Silver, Platinum and Palladium in bars and coins. Change your Fiat Money into something of real value; move some money into a safe haven buy some Gold and Silver now. You will be happy you did.

To see live spot prices and buy now. Click here to go to nwd-barsandcoins.com

You can buy now online and lock in your prices; we accept payment via wire, cash or through PayPal. We ship Priority Mail, insured of course and a signature is required on delivery.

PS You can always go to our precious metals web site through nw-distributors.com

fob:   TX   -   -   price:  

TAP-PRO CONCRETE MASONRY   -   Posted: 05/23/2017

We have small pallet of Concrete Screws flat head and hex head.

Masonry anchors are used in block, brick and concrete to secure wood blocking or steel and accessories. After drilling the hole and driving the masonry screw into the masonry products the screw will cut its own threads in the concrete creating a very secure fastener. The ceramic coating protects the screws for rusting.

Most of the Boxes came with drill bit. We have more the 200 boxes.

Click Here For More Information

fob:   TX   -   -   price:  $450 for the lot.

SHED ENDER   -   Posted: 05/23/2017

Removes Shedding Hair Where Other Brushes Fail!
* Keeps Sheding Hair Off Your Pet & Out Of Your House!
* Promotes A Shiny Coat & Healthy Skin
Proven design removes dead loose hair from
the undercoat when ordinary brushes fail.
We have 65 Cases, 72 Pcs each case Total of 4680 Pcs.

Click Here For More Information

fob:   Buffalo, TX   -   -   price:  $1 each take all

Banana box groceries - CHEAP   -   Posted: 05/17/2017

We have immediately available one truckload consisting of 432 banana boxes mixed food plus:

One pallet mayonnaise,
one pallet sugar,
one pallet lemon water,
one pallet Izzy water,
three pallets chips,
One pallet box tortilla chips,
one pallet granola,
one pallet cookies=
10 total pallets of other stuff.
Some pallets are taller, some are shorter so can be double stacked.

Only asking $3500 for a take all.

Click Here For More Information

fob:   TX   -   -   price:  $3500 for a take all.

3M Buffing and Cleaning Pads   -   Posted: 05/16/2017

Commercial Cleaning Pads

We are blowing out the remaining inventory of buffing machine cleaning pads, about 6 ½ pallets. See the attached inventory. The retail value is over $25,000, we are seeking a take all offer because we need the space for new product coming in.

A few of these pads sell for $70 to $80 per box of 5. The one in the first picture with the brush recently sold for $89 and it is only one per box. That customer bought 2. Most all are 3M brand.

Contact Us For More Information

fob:   TX   -   -   price:  take all offer

Closeout on Emergency LED Flashing Lights   -   Posted: 05/09/2017

We have one full truckload of Emergency Flashing LED Lights – 3 different Groups!
Sold as one lot for about 10 cents on the retail dollar.

Single units
-Red LED for Nighttime – 1,000 units available
-White LED for Daytime – 1,200 units available
-Retail packaging
-Packed 40 per case (4 inners of 10)

ProFlare LED 4 Unit Pack -Red LED for Nighttime – 1,500 units available
-White LED for Daytime – 1,500 units available
-Retail packaging
-24 cases per pallet

Total Flare Safety Lighting System
– Red Led 8 Unit Alkaline Pack – Unit contains 8 single red LED units in a form-fitting
– 840 Available (14 pallets)
-360 degree light emission for day or nighttime use.

Click Here For More Information

fob:   TX   -   -   price:  Contact Us

1 Pallet of 7" LED lights   -   Posted: 05/02/2017

We have for sale a pallet of 7” LED light fixture – bright white color (4000K).
540 pcs for $9,720.00 Plus shipping

fob:   TX   -   -   price:  $9,720.00

Tanning Lotions and More   -   Posted: 05/02/2017

We have one lot of over 30 different high end brand name tanning lotions and a small percentage of body lotions and oils.

Serious buyers contact us for details.

fob:   TX   -   -   price:  Contact Us

Boxes   -   Posted: 05/02/2017

We have several different pallets of boxes, all single wall.

If interested in some please contact us for pricing and shipping details. Select what you need, it is not a take all.

22 pallets of 9 ½ x 5 5/8 x 5 (2400 Pcs, 25 pcs per bundle)
4 pallets of 16x16x14 (120 Pcs, 20Pcs Per bundle)
4 pallets of 26x18x14 (150 Pcs, no bundles)
5 pallets of 15 1/8 x 10 1/8 x 8 5/8 (500 Pcs, 25 pcs per bundle)
4 Pallets of 8 ¾ x 6 7/8 x 6 (750 Pcs, 25 pcs per bundle) some may say fragile on the sides
3 Pallets of 17 3/8 x 10 ¼ x 9 5/8 (500 Pcs, 20 pcs per bundle)
1 Pallet of 30 x 18 x 16 (114, 20 pcs per bundle)

fob:   TX   -   -   price:  Contact Us.

Candy by the truckload   -   Posted: 05/02/2017

We have available a truckload of candy. Double stack 52 pallets.

If interested please contact us for more details.

fob:   TX   -   -   price:  Contact Us

HBA Hair products   -   Posted: 05/02/2017

We have a truckload of HBA Hair products. This lot consist of various branded shampoos, sprays and oils.

If interested please contact us for more details.

fob:   TX   -   -   price:  Contact Us

Banana Boxes Groceries   -   Posted: 05/02/2017

We have a 10 Pallets of Miscellaneous banana boxes groceries in the Houston area.

If interested please contact us.

fob:   TX   -   -   price:  Contact Us