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Latest Listings:

91,000 Pieces of Plastic Inserts & Levelers For Tubing. Asst Siz   -   Posted: 04/11/2017

Assorted shapes and sizes of plastic inserts & levelers for tubing. Inventory available upon request. Square, Round, Rectangle, etc. 91,520 pieces.

fob:   Alabama   -   -   price:  5,000 DELIVERED

LED 8" Recessed Light Kits SYLVANIA   -   Posted: 04/02/2017

New. Factory Cases. Sylvania LED 8" Recessed Lights. Variable 120/277V. Each case contains 4 LED lights. LED/RT8/2000/840. Color is 4000K. (cool white). Currently have approximately 1,000+ units.

fob:   Alabama   -   -   price:  15.00 each unit

LED RetroFit Kit Sylvania High End Fixture   -   Posted: 04/02/2017

New. Factory Cases. Sylvania LED Retrofit 741/T3M/D6. Variable voltage 120 - 277. Made in USA. Higher End, very expensive item. Approximately 500 units available. Mixture of 55W & 70W, but majority is 55W.

fob:   Alabama   -   -   price:  90.00 each unit

LED Commercial Lighting Fixtures   -   Posted: 04/02/2017

New, LED Lighting Fixtures. 5 feet long, led strips inside a low profile aluminum housing. Made for Shelf Lighting, Display Cases, Coolers, Single Faced Signs, etc. Greatly reduced energy, maintenance and total life cycle costs. Factory cases / 6 per case. 3,600 pieces total available.

fob:   Alabama   -   -   price:  5.00 each unit

Commercial High Temp Grill Cleaner for restaurants Sold by Case   -   Posted: 03/07/2017

DCT Hi-Temp Commercial Grill Cleaner. New, factory cased. 92 pouches per case. 3.6 oz per pouch. Free Shipping

fob:   Alabama   -   -   price:  50.00 delivered

Brand Name BIG Men's Carh**tt Jeans. NEW with Tags   -   Posted: 02/28/2017

New, with tags jeans. Name brand. Mixture of Traditional Fit, Rugged Outdoor, or Work Denim. All jeans are unhemmed. Willing to sell 6 jeans per case. Size breakdown is 48,50,52.

fob:   Birmingham, Alabama   -   -   price:  75.00 per case delivered

Name Brand Athletic Wear - Boys, Girls, Women & Men NEW WITH TAGS   -   Posted: 02/28/2017

New, Brand Name Athletic Wear. Small lot of 351 pieces. All have tags and are poly bagged. Mixture of Men's, Women's, Boys, and Girls active wear. Lot contains Jerseys, Compression Pants, Tanks, Shorts, Shirts, etc.

fob:   Birmingham, Alabama   -   -   price:  $3.00 each